Colorbond Fencing, Slat Gates & Slat Fencing, Asbestos Removal, Panel & Post Retaining, Plinths, Pool Fencing, PVC Picket Fences and more!

Colorbond Fencing

For peace of mind.

We can install genuine colorbond fencing and promise quality and performance.

• Superior performance and quality of Genuine COLORBOND® Steel

• Manufactured using 100% Australian Steel

• Will stand winds up to 216km/h

• Available in a range of COLORBOND® steel

• Complete fencing warranty for up to 10 years

• Quick and simple installation

• Low maintenance

• May be stepped or raked on sloping ground


Durable & Freestanding

A site-painted, postless system, incorporating 7mm thick interlocking HardieFence™ sheets with a metal top cap; suited for sandy soil on either sloping or flat sites.

NO longer available. We do however have good second hand sheets available from time to time.

Please call us for alternative solutions.

Asbestos Removal

Licence No :- WARA 1285

We are fully qualified and licenced asbestos removal company so you are in safe hands.

Retaining Walls

Panel & Post

Panel & Post retaining walls are termite resistant, unaffected by weather conditions and ideal for most soil environments.



A plinth is a part of a structure that sits at ground level. It is also a base where other building elements sit above or on top of the plinth.

In the context of a fence, a plinth sits under the fence at ground level. It makes the fence look neat and tidy, keeps weeds, debris, and water from entering your yard. Traditionally timber boards or concrete beams have been used to trim underneath boundary fencing. Plinths were not as common under older hardwood fences as the palings were installed to almost reach ground level

Pool Fencing

Many Styles Available

Pool Fencing is available in stylish and sophisticated designs that will suit any of your Pool Fencing needs. There is an extensive range of fencing styles and colours that will combine with your pool and garden to give a flawless appearance

PVC Picket Fences

Choice of Styles & Colours


Few things add to the beauty & warmth of a home like a picket fence. PVC Picket Fences are available in a variety of styles and colours, which are sure to compliment your home and suit your personal taste. Matching gates are also available in various sizes to enhance the elegant look of your new PVC Fence. We supply and install products of the highest quality whilst always striving to offer our customers an exceptional level of service.A PVC Fence stands up to the harshest weather conditions. Unlike metal and wood, PVC will never rot, rust, peel, flake or splinter. PVC is non-toxic, impervious to termites and is environmentally friendly. Hard water deposits from yard sprinklers require most conventional fences to be repainted, but stains clean easily from PVC.


For further information, please contact us.


Aluminium Retaining Alternative

Powder coated aluminium box sections positioned underneath the bottom rail. They can act as a retainer and can also stop your pets digging their way out of your garden.